Feature Ads

Get More Eyeballs!
Upgrading to a featured ad will make your listing stand out from our regular ads! Feature ads are promoted for 30 days on VideotapeTrader.com and displayed prominently across our website, email newsletters, and social media platforms like Facebook.

Promoting Your Ad
Ads can be featured using the Feature upgrade option when creating your ad. Get started by Posting an ad, then enabling the featured listing option before submitting your ad. Then, pay safe and securely using PayPal® during checkout.

What Next?
Once your payment is received, your ad will immediately become featured. Your ad should only contain a single item (note: accessories related to the item you're selling are ok to include in that same ad). There are NO refunds after payment is received. Once your item is sold or the paid period has expired, your ad will be un-featured. Substituting the item you're selling in the featured ad is not allowed. Payment applies to a single (1) ad only and is non-transferable to other ads. Your ad will continue to appear in the regular listing as usual during and after the paid period.