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All for $120 or separately as listed below.

VHS: Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey 120th Anniversary Edition Video Program Book: $5.00

177 VHS = $100 for all VHS tapes - 177 (56 CENTS each) A whole lot of entertainment. (I've added a VHS player for sale $20). Action, Comedy, Christian, Educational, Family, Horror, Kids, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Music, Westerns (A LOT) and Christmas movies. Some of the Westerns have the series of 2-3 tapes per movie...ex. Lonesome Dove.

See list below for "names of movies"/titles. Thanks.

VHS player $20.

Very large tote for storing them for $12.00

If you buy all of the above that are not sold yet, you can get it for $120 instead of $141. ($21 savings)
If I sell the VHS player before you buy all then you can deduct $20 from $120.

If interested, please call and leave a "detailed message" including you are calling about the VHS post.

Cash only - will give you a receipt. Below is a list of all the VHS & DVD's by category and name.

A=Action C=Comedy H=Horrow K=Kids M=Mystery T=Thriller W=Western

VHS's = 177
1 SS Music A Great Day for Singing
5 BT ? Damage Prevention is in Your Hands
3 BT ? Dark Command
4 BT ? Fievel Goes West
2 SS ? It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World (set of 2)

33 BT Action 48 Hrs. (Nick Nolte)
11 BT A A View to Kill (James Bond) 1985
32 BT A Absolute Power (Clint Eastwood)
23 BT A Air Force One (Harrison Ford)
15 BT A Bugsby (Warren Beatty)
30 BT A Bulletproof (Damon Wayans)
12 BT A Commandos - Lee Van Claef
6 SS A Days of Thunder (Tom Cruise)
34 BT A Detour (Tom Neal)
10 BT A Escape from Sobibor (Rutger Hauger)
21 BT A Follow the Sun (Glenn Ford)
8 SS A Frequency (Dennis Quaid)
25 BT A Guncrazy (Drew Barrymore)
13 BT A Hurricane (Larry Maggman/Jessica Walter)
29 BT A Kansas City Confidential (Lee Van Cleef)
18 BT A Little Laura & Big John (Fabian/Karen Black)
17 BT A Midnight Madness
26 BT A My Schince Project (John Stockwell)
24 BT A Red Rock West (Nicholas Cage)
16 BT A Road House (Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott)
28 BT A Six Days Seven Nights (Harrison Ford)
7 SS A Steele's Gold (Pierce Bresnan)
9 BT A The Green Mile (2 series) (Tom Hanks)
27 BT A The McCullochs (Forrest Tucker)
20 BT A The Specialist Sylvester Stallone
31 BT A The Trouble with Angels (Rosalind Russell)
14 BT A True Blood
22 BT A When Harry Met Sally - Billy Crystal
19 BT A Who Shot Pat - Sandra Bullock

35 SS Comedy Abbott & Sostello Show (Errol Flynn)
58 BT C AceVentura - Jim Carey
41 SS C Bugs Bunny & Friends (Wackiki Wabbit)
54 BT C Cartoon Explosion
44 BT C Cartoon Explosion Corny Concerto
45 BT C Dog City
37 SS C Great American Cartoons (Porky Pig & Friends)
36 SS C Little Rascals (Pups Is Pups/Three Smart Boys/
39 SS C Little Rascals Varieties Vol 3
49 BT C Nothing to Lose (Martin lawrence)
62 BT C Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy
50 BT C Prizzi's Honor (Jack Nicholson)
52 BT C Proky's
55 BT C The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
56 BT C The Andy Griffith Show
60 BT C The Aventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
42 SS C The Bells of St Mary's (Bing Crosby/Iongrid Bergman)
38 SS C The Best of Three Stoogies Cartoons
53 BT C The Big Slice (Heather Lockleair)
40 SS C The Flying Dueces (Laurel & Hardy)
59 BT C The Great Outdoors - Dan Aykroyd
46 BT C The Little Rascals (Small Talk/Forgotten Babies/Bear Facts/Baby Brother)
51 BT C The Nutty Professor
43 SS C The Prize Fighter
48 BT C The Three Stoogies Jerks of All Trades
47 BT C The Three Stoogies Last Comedy Treasures
61 BT C Walt Disney ? Mighty Mouse
57 BT C Will the Real Shotgun Red Please Stand Up

63 BT Christian Jesus
64 BT Christian Jesus

72 BT Educational All Time Movie Greats/Attr. Promo classics
73 BT E Craftsman Lawn & Garden Tractor Video Guide
67 SS E Grammar Rock The School House Rock
65 BT E John Wayne - American Hero of the Movies
68 SS E Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus Anniv Edition Video Program Book/Kenneth Feld
69 BT E School House Rock
66 SS E The Mandolin of Norman Blake - Original Tunes & Techniques
70 BT E World's Last Great Places Africa Wild Oasis
71 BT E World's Last Great Places (Arctic) Life at the Edge

76 SS Family Doll Face (Perry Como, Martha Stewart)
75 SS F Here Comes the Groom (Bing Crosby)
74 BT F Mama Floras Family - Cicely Tyson - Hallmark
80 BT F Medicine River - Graham Greene
77 BT F Seven Alone
78 BT F The Missouri Traveler (Lee Marvin)
79 BT F The Plastic Bubble (John Travolta)

81 BT Horror Alfred Hitchcock's Secret Agent
83 BT H Children of the Corn
84 BT H Cusrse of Demon Mountain (Joe Don Baker)
85 BT H House of Haunted Hill (Vinvent Price)
82 BT H The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Dennis Hopper)

88 SS Kids No More Baths!
87 SS K Over the Hill Gang
91 BT K Rocky Bullwinkle
92 BT K Shining Time Station
86 SS K Spy Trap
90 BT K Thomas the Train - Shining Time Station "Bully for Mr. Conductor"
89 BT K Walt Disney (MM Club) Vol 3 -Curiosity with Himiny Cricket

94 SS Mystery Meet John Doe (Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck)
93 BT M Missing Pieces (James Coburn)
95 BT Mystery The Snows of Kilimarjaro (Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner)

97 BT Romance Heartbeat (Ginger Rogers)
96 SS R Today We Live (Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper)

99 BT Thriller Cape Fear
101 BT T Scary as Heil
98 BT T The Black Hole
100 BT T The Peacemaker

124 SS Western A Man Called Sledge (James Garner, Claude Akins, Dennis Weaver)
156 BT W Avenging Angel (John Wayne)
139 BT W Billy the Kid in Texas
151 BT W Billy the Kid in Texas - Buster Crabbe
109 SS W Cheyenne (Clint Walker) Johnny Brassbuttons/Hired Gun/Town of Fear
136 BT W Conagher (Sam Elliott/Hatherine Ross)
143 BT W Cowboys & Indians - Legends of the West
165 BT W Custer of the West (Robert Shaw)
157 BT W Dark Command (John Wayne)
114 SS W El Dorado (John Wayne, Robert Mitchum)
148 BT W Fighting Caravans
158 BT W Fort Apache (John Wayne)
172 BT W George Kennedy - Art Hindle
122 SS W Gone to Texas (Sam Elliott, Michael Beck)
135 BT W Gun Fury (Rock Hudson)
133 BT W Hondo & the Apaches
106 SS W Hoppalong Cassidy
118 SS W In Old California (John Wayne)
153 BT W Jenior Bonner - Steve McQueen
141 BT W John Wayne - Avenging Angel/Cowboy G-man/Klondike Gold (Young Duke Series)
138 BT W John Wayne (Dbl Feature full-length) Hell Town/Angel & the Badman
145 BT W Jubal
107 SS W Keep the Change
147 BT W Lawless Frontier
113 SS W Legends of the American West Billy the Kid
125 BT W Lethal Weapon
134 BT W Lonsome Dove 6-hr. epic R.Duvall
108 SS W Montana (Glenda Rowlands, Richard Crenna, Lea Thompson
144 BT W Next of Kin (Patrick Swayze)
146 BT W One-eyed Jacks (Marlan Brando)
123 SS W Presumed Innocent (Harrison Ford)
127 BT W Quigley Down Under (Tom Seleck)
105 SS W Race at Damn (Randolph Scott)
117 SS W Red Sun (Charles Bronson)
115 SS W Rodeo Racketeers -Claim Junpers/The Shadow Gang (John Wayne) series)
103 SS W Santa Fe (Errol Flynn, Olivia DeHavilland, Ronald Regan)
121 SS W Santa Fe (Errol Flynn, Olivia DeHavilland, Ronald Regan)
168 BT W She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (John Wayne)
149 BT W Stagecoach Race (John Wayne)
119 SS W Stagecoach to Denver - Red Ryder
131 BT W Texas Terror (John Wayne)
126 BT W The Big Trail
159 BT W The Comancheros (John Wayne)
129 BT W The Doolins of Oklahoma (Randolph Scott) '49 & '76
170 BT W The Fighting Seabees (John Wayne)
110 SS W The Fugitive (John Wayne) Young Duke Series
102 SS W The Grand Duel (Lee VanCleef)
169 BT W The John Wayne Story
167 BT W The Last Outlaw (Jarry Carey)
150 BT W The Lawless Frontier (John Wayne)
112 SS W The Lone Ranger (Hi-Yo-Silver 1940 version)
163 BT W The Lone Ranger (Jay Silverhill, Clayton Moore)
111 SS W The Lone Ranger (Old Joe's Sister/Rustler's Hideout)
120 SS W The Lone Ranger (Six Gun's Legacy/The Return of the Convict)
155 BT W The Nevadan - Randolph Scott
116 SS W The Outlaw Josey Wales - Clint Eastwood
162 BT W The Over the Hill Gang (Walter Brennan)
132 BT W The Proud & The Damned (Chuck Conners)
154 BT W The Shootist (John Wayne)
140 BT W The Sons of Katie Elder (J.Wayne/Dean Martin)
130 BT W The Spoilers (John Wayne/Marlene Dietrich)
137 BT W The Star Packer (John Wayne)
142 BT W The Trail Beyond (John Wayne)
160 BT W The Undefeated (John Wayne)
166 BT W The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West (Bob Denver)
152 BT W The Wuick and the Dead - Louis Lamour's
104 SS W This Gun for Hire
161 BT W Unforiven - Clind Eastwood
171 BT W Wagons East (John Candy)
164 BT W Walt Disney - Return to Snowy River
128 BT W Wyatt Earp - 2Video Series (Kevin Costner/Dennis Quaid/Gene Hackman)

175 BT Xmas Jack Frost
174 BT X Miracle on 34th Street
173 BT X Scrooge 1935 British Prod.
176 BT X Walt Disney BABES In TOYLAND
177 BT X Year Without A Santa Claus

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