Dr Who VHS Tapes for Sale (25 Total VHS Tapes)

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Posted on: 7 months ago
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Up for sale is large lot of Dr Who VHS Tapes. I have had these sitting in a tote for years and have played them once, if ever. $110.00 for the lot, or $7.50 a piece. I prefer to sell it as one lot.

First Doctor William Hartnell Adventures
• An Unearthly Child
• The Daleks. 2 tape set: Dead Planet; The Expedition (Daleks)
• Keys of Marinus: 2 VHS Tape set
• Planet of Giants
• The Aztecs
• The Web Planet
• The War Machines
• The Tenth Planet (Cybermen)

Second Doctor Patrick Troughton Adventures
• The Invasion (Cybermen)
• The Seeds of Death (Ice Warriors)

Third Doctor Jon Pertwee Adventures
• Spearhead from Space
• The Silurians. 2 VHS Tape set
• The Curse of Peladon
• The Mind of Evil. 2 VHS Tape set
• The Mutants
• Planet of the Daleks. 2 VHS Tape set
• Frontier in Space. 2 VHS Tape set (The Master)
• Death to the Daleks
• Planet of the Spiders

Documentary, Movies, and Spinoffs
• Dr Who and The Daleks. Big Screen adaption starring Gran Moff Tarkin Peter Cushing
• K9 and Company
• The Hartnell Years
• The Troughton Years
• The Colin Baker Years
• Cybermen -- The Early Years

Porch pickup or public location. Cash please.